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Research on Key Technologies of Coded Caching for 5G Networks Funded by NSFC Young Scientist Research Program
Published:2018-08-20 Hit:1561

The project of Research on Key Technologies of Coded Caching for 5G Networks hosted by Dr. Tang is funded by NSFC Young Scientist Research Program.


The rapid growth of data traffic in wireless networks will result in severe congestion in future wireless networks. In recent years, a new caching technology called coded caching has been considered as an effective solution to the wireless network congestion problem. However, to design an efficient coded caching scheme for 5G networks, there exist many challenges, including heterogeneous caching deployment in 5G networks, heterogeneous network architecture of 5G networks, heterogeneous channel conditions of wireless links, and user mobility. In order to tackle the above challenges, rigorous research is carried out in this project to develop the key mechanisms and algorithms for efficient coded caching design in 5G networks. Firstly, a novel multi-source coded broadcast scheme is designed to address the heterogeneous channel condition problem, which is a critical problem for efficient coded caching design in wireless networks. It significantly improves the efficiency of broadcast transmission in coded caching. Secondly, code caching in 5G networks is studied with respect to different network hierarchies: backhaul networks, access networks, and integrated access and backhaul networks. More specifically, for each network hierarchy, novel mechanisms and algorithms are designed to achieve efficient coded caching. Finally, a simulation platform is developed to validate the coded caching mechanisms and algorithms designed in this project. The effectiveness, advantages, and performance gains of all the code caching schemes developed in this project will also be demonstrated by running typical networking scenarios on the simulation platform.

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