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◆ S. Chen and X. Wang, "PtrTasking: Pointer Network Based Task Scheduling for Multi-Connectivity Enabled MEC Services," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, to appear.


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◆ J Shen, H Zhu, Y Cai, S Chang, H Cai, B Zhai, X Wang, M Guo, "Taming Distributed One-Hop Multicasting in Millimeter-Wave VANETs," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, to appear.


◆ Z Hu, C Han, Y Deng, X Wang, "Multi-Task Deep Reinforcement Learning for Terahertz NOMA Resource Allocation With Hybrid Discrete and Continuous Actions," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, to appear.


◆A. Tang, X. Wang, and J. Zhang, “Interference Management for Full-Duplex ISAC in B5G/6G Networks: Architectures, Challenges, and Solutions,” IEEE Communications Magazine, to appear.


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◆X. Zhou and X. Wang, "A Memory-Efficient Federated Kernel Support Vector Machine for Edge Devices,IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, to appear[Supplementary Material]


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◆ Y. Chang and X. Wang, "Vehicle Trajectory Prediction with Multimodal and Dynamics-Aware Interaction Neural Networks," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, to appear.

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